20 years of this shit people
      Welcome to Empty Movement, where you'll find 19 years of Revolutionary Girl Utena content, thanks to 20+ years of it being out there for us! The 20th anniversary has been marked with a huge surge in interest, in Japan and abroad. In fact, Japan has utterly lost its damn mind with perfumes, purses, exhibitions, musicals, new mangas, liquors, and god we can't even keep up, people. Actually...we can. If it ain't already here, it's on the way. You know us, friends.
      Dont believe me? Welcome to the exclusive home of the fully translated brand new 20th anniversary Chiho Saito manga! Read it here, because of course you can read it here. OH IS THAT NOT ENOUGH??? Well how about the 2018 Utena musical, translated, ripped, and made into soundtracks???
      For a quick rundown of the ongoing new content, look here. For a detailed list of new art, and everything else, check the changelog. For play by play updates and shitposts, follow the social medias. Especially Twitter, as of late.
jsyk this is Gio and Yasha layout as much as a Saionji and Touga one I CANNOT AFFORD FOR THEM TO KEEP MAKING UTENA STUFF

January 11th, 2019-
Merry New Year! Or something. We indeed do still update the site, with lots of new goodies for you to chew on! There's brand new analysis, brand new translations of creator interviews/articles, new doujinshi, and our brand spankin' new god damned webstore: Morphology of Utena. Because while we do take donations, we would rather sell you things and make it a fair exchange! We've been putting our 20 years of experience to work making series-accurate renditions of notebooks and shirts, as well as using patterns and designs from the series for other interesting things that'll be coming your way. Check it out! (PS: The Adagio teas are all profits forwarded to charity. <3)

Also, oh gee, I should mention: We've fully translated and subtitled the 2018 Utena musical that absolutely rules and 100% is required viewing for all fans. A little site will be incoming but for now check here for download links.

Once you've soaked in that fuckin' glory, check out the sweet new content we have up now, analysis, interviews, doujinshi. Hell yes.


New sections:

Musical Utena ~ Bud of the White Rose - Download it, watch it, listen to the 'soundtrack' I made, worship it, stan it.

Morphology of Utena – While we accept donations, we'd rather sell you swag! Welcome to our personal webstore where we make custom Utena goods like series-accurate notebooks and series-accurate disaster gym shirts, Utena, what the fuck. Note: Check your categories, and do not try to check out with both Printful and Printify in the cart. If you get charged like 4x for shipping, that is why--check out the items separately. :) Why isn't this RedBubble? Because I wanted the maximum amount of control over the final product, and wanted to do things RedBubble doesn't do. Also, the margin is higher. *shrug*

Additions to Analysis of Utena:
- The Body as a Bargaining Chip – A fascinating deep dive into the connection between Touga and Anthy, what makes them different, but more worryingly, what makes them the same: victimization and abuse, and the gendered bridges between. Trigger warning for discussion of rape and abuse. (Written by Yasha)
- The Comet in the Stars – Akio's comet speech in episode 34, newly accurately translated, why he says it, what it means, and how it turns out. Mostly, it's about his spiraling relationship with Anthy, and how his stupid ass can talk himself into a corner without any encouragement at all. (Written by Giovanna)
- Lady Berserk: Revolutionary Girl Utena and Berserk – This essay explores the similarities between these two staples of their respective genres within anime, and how the language of anime and the thematic elements of both are closer than we think! (Written by Lt. Tangerine)

Additions to Mouths of Babes (English-translated Creator Content/Interviews/Etc):
- Eulogy for the Fool – Ikuhara Kunihiko and Ohtsuki Kana Discussion, an awesome interview from the Ikuhara retrospective published in 2017: Kunihiko Ikuhara - Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mawaru Penguindrum, Yuri Bear Storm ... Our Revolution and Survival Strategy. Translated by @why1758.
- Art of Utena Interview with Kazayama Juugo – An interview with one of the artists that worked under be-Papas, directing episodes, writing scripts, and storyboarding. Translated by coriolisky.
- Whisperings of a Rose – Interview with Ikuhara and Saito published in Newtype magazine in May 1997. Translated by @t_unmasked.

Additions to Audiology (Utena Album Info):
- Barbara Dwarf Star Child Apocalypse – EJ's been so kind as to translate the bizarre liner notes for OST 12!
- Lyrics: Earth Prison Panopticon – EJ's translation/romanization/kanji of the last track of the Barbara CD, Earth Prison Panopticon, is now available for viewing!

Additions to Historia Arcana (Japanese Resources):
HMV Magazine Ami Noujo Mini-Interview – A wee little interview published in HMV Magazine for Ami Noujo, the actress that portrays Utena in the 2018 musical.

Changes to the Doujinshi Gallery:
The entire section has been revamped to organize content and remove material that's a little frisky for the times. Content warnings have been added to sexually explicit material, and anything past rated R is no longer available.

New doujinshi:

Asterisque by Dwarf Sunflowers
A sweet little set of shorts, with absolutely gorgeous artwork and loveable chibis.

This is Cool by The World
Holy shit, y'all this is a doujinshi about the Sega Saturn video game. RIGHT? Aptly named.

Utena by o-ji-in-arauri
ANOTHER Sega Saturn game doujinshi! Not as long, but it's still a total unicorn.

MERCI LA VIE by Loli-Killer
The same artist as Anatomic Angel draws a series of humorous shorts. Akio gets slapped in the face.

Positively Success Fate by Celestial Speech
Starts serious, ends with Saionji putting an octopus hat on Anthy.

Roses, Swords, and Revolutions by AHRI Project
WARNING: RATED R, ADULTS ONLY. Mostly Akio and Touga with limbs the length of skyscrapers getting down.

In the Gallery: Blu-ray quality replacements of shots in the series

Episode 25: Our Eternal Apocalypse

Replaced the scene of Touga and Akio on the bed, as well as the following scene of Akio and Anthy leading to the episode end.
(Series_ep25_247 - Series_ep25_268)

Episode 34: The Rose Seal & Episode 38: The Ends of the World
Replaced these two images since I was discussing them being a matched shot in the Discord.
(Series_ep25_247 & Series_ep25_268)

Nuts & Bolts
- Amended Sex, Torment, and Body Language, an essay in Analysis, to distinguish between the coercive rape I am describing, and the violent rape I'm arguing against, as this distinction is not clear now that rape is the dominant term for both events.
- Reworked the layout for From the Mouths of Babes to be comptaible with new browsers, and more readable on mobile LAWL
- Reworked the layout for Analysis of Utena to be compatible with new browsers LAWL
- Corrected some code that was breaking in the Site section, some minor updates to it, fixed links to hosted site

Contact: Giovanna or Yasha

The content on Empty Movement belongs to Giovanna Spadaro and Yasha (who will remain otherwise nameless). Images and media scanned, ripped, and altered by us. Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) is © Kunihiko Ikuhara, Chiho Saito, Shogakukan and bePapas/TV Tokyo and/or their respective copyright holders. The US release of the Revolutionary Girl Utena series and movie is © Nozomi Entertainment, previously © Central Park Media, and the US release of the Utena manga is © VIZ . Don't sue us.


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