20 years of this shit people
      Welcome to Empty Movement, where you'll find 15 years of Revolutionary Girl Utena content, thanks to 20 years of it being out there for us! The 20th anniversary has been marked with a huge surge in interest, in Japan and abroad, with Blu-Ray releases coming from Nozomi, and Japan losing its marbles with art exhibitions, anime cafe events, and so on. We update Twitter and Tumblr regularly for all of that!
      In the meantime, check out all the new content on the site, and get yourself our scanlation of the first installment of Chiho Saito's After the Revolution! For a quick rundown, look here. For a detailed list of new art, doujin, and everything else, check the changelog.
jsyk this is Gio and Yasha layout as much as a Saionji and Touga one I CANNOT AFFORD FOR THEM TO KEEP MAKING UTENA STUFF
December 31, 2017- A little late for Utena's birthday, but just in time to celebrate the new year! This update's a lot of bits and pieces I've been accumulating and adding over the last few months, so there should be a little something for everyone!

The new manga by Chiho Saito, After the Revolution, is now hosted permanently in the gallery. By the way, yes, we do INDEED know about the Juri and Shiori one coming up in a month! Gee, I wonder if it will appear on the site... :)
A big addition of sorts! Thanks to the donations of so many of you, I was able to get my grubby hands on the Japanese Blu-ray, which included among other things a high-resolution copy of the 1997 Utena musical, something we just haven't had access to in the English-speaking fandom until now!! It's now up on Youtube with subtitles and information, for everyone to enjoy!
Though in its infancy, I have finally cobbled together the References section of the Analysis site with the list of stuff I had on hand. I invite contributions! Check it out yourself, you're sure to find *something* new!
There has been quite a few additions and changes to the gallery, including the collectible rubber stamp chibis from the 2017 exhibition, an overhaul of the character design section to encorporate a ton of new content from various sources, and... some truly horrifying Chiho Saito sketches from the early brainstorming of Utena (check out our analysis of the images, holy CRAP IT'S URSULA'S KISS.) These images include translations of the text thanks to Hiraku and Dallbun, also! Thanks so much you guys. <3
Also, now that I have my hands on the Blu-ray, I've been selectively poking about replacing screencaps with huge upgrades. Links to previous images will remain intact, as I've seen to it the links will continue to lead to the exact same frame, but several scenes have been replaced for our viewing pleasure, including the ending of episode 38, Juri's second duel, the last photoshoot with Akio, Touga, and Saionji...and yes. *The* scene in episode 33. See below for a complete list of the changed scenes.
I've added to the Historia Arcana section a text file of the interview with Saito and Ikuhara that came with the After the Revolution manga installment in September. You can put it through Google Translate, or some enterprising soul is welcome to take a stab at it!!
We have several new doujinshi, almost none of them remotely safe for work, so look below to get to them, but be warned the content is uh...well. One of them includes Akio and Utena on the hood of his car, sooo...

If that's not enough, a taste of what's coming with my ridiculously ambitious, why did I do this to myself overhaul of the Audiology section:
No One Has Anything to Tell (track 32, OST 1)
Virtual Star Embryology (track 2, OST 2)
It's about 75% done, and I hope for it to be the next site update. This turned out to be an insane undertaking.

New Site Sections:
Comedie Musicale Utena: La Fillette Révolutionnaire - The 1997 Utena musical, now available in high-definition with subtitles on YouTube!

Addition to Analysis:
Revolutionary Girl Utena Reference Resource - A perpeturally incomplete list of references the series makes! Check it out, and please add to it!

Addition to Historia Arcana:
Saito X Ikuhara Special Talk - This is the interview included with After the Revolution in the September 2017 issue of Flowers. I've transcribed it to text, to help encourage translation!

Additions & Changes to the Gallery:
The Rubber strap collectibles from the Utena 20th anniversary exhibition.

Early Saito Character Designs: Design sheets (files 2-8) included in volume 4 of the new manga reissue in Japan. These have been lovingly translated by Hiraku and Dallbun, and are absolutely insane and hilarious!! I've also updated existing images in this section with better copies. These images, now that they have translations, appear to explain the existence of Ursula's Kiss! Check out Yasha's HUGE Tumblr post introducing us all to Team Eleganza!

Character Designs: This entire section got overhauled to include new design sheets from the 10th Anniversary design book, the Duelist Bible, Hardcore of Utena, and upgrades of scans from the Utena Art Collection. These mostly include alternate outfits like Utena's baseball outfit, design sheets such as Utena's trashed uniform at the end of the series, and a couple characters that were previously missing, namely Ruka. There are too many changes to list here. A few examples, though:

Screencaps: With the arrival of the Japanese Blu-ray so lovingly donated to our site by way of fundraising, I've been hopping around replacing key scenes with upgraded gorgeous screenshots! You'll notice the naming convention includes things like 421b.jpg, this is so that previously existing links to the gallery for specific screenshots remain intact, because I know a lot of direct links to the gallery exist outside my site and I love you guys enough to bother to preserve that. <4

Episode 29: Azure Blue Paler than the Sky
Replaced Juri's last duel from them stepping in front of the Akio Car, to Ruka and Juri standing in the rain after.
(Series_ep29_113 - Series_ep29_201)

Episode 30: The Barefoot Girl
Replaced the scene of Akio kissing Utena after he removes her shoe. You know. Cuz. (Series_ep30_111a-Series_ep30_150)

Episode 31: Her Tragedy
The Touga in the shower sequence, holy crap his face shot came out nice and I didn't think it would, hnnng. (Series_ep31_029-Series_ep31_038)

The last two scenes in the episode, first when Touga tries to make Nanami come home, and then later in the night, Nanami waking to find Akio and Anthy in flagrante. (Series_ep31_191-Series_ep31_234)

Episode 32: Romance of the Dancing Girls
The sequence in Touga and Nanami's home leading up to her car ride, when she tries to ask Touga if she can leave.

Episode 33: The Prince Who Runs in the Night
Utena's face. You know. THE scene. It's fucking beautiful, god damn they spent their entire budget on this.

Episode 37: The One Who Will Revolutionize the World
The photoshoot with Akio, Touga, and Saionji. I swear, someone asked for this and it wasn't Yasha and it wasn't me.

Episode 38: The Ends of the World
The ending, starting from the point where Akio shoves Anthy at Utena, to the end when Utena crumples on the floor from being stabbed.

8 New Doujinshi:
***THESE ARE ALL HENTAI, consider yourself warned!!!
Angel's Tears - Shiori X Juri, you know it's what you're here for. <3 This is not especially explicit hentai, but hentai enough.
Crown of Thorns - Ruka X Juri, same artists as above, probably not as much peoples' cups of tea. That said, I think it's all in his head?
O Rose de Nobles Sentiments - A Juri, Shiori, and Ruka story, fairly short, not really hentai although two pages do have Shiori nude in them.
Hotel California 2 - Short and sweet H-doujin
Toufuya - Pieces of a compilation hentai doujin. One is Miki and Kozue, and one is the best thing I've ever seen in that it's the only time I've seen Akio drawn accurately on model, including in the show, and it ends better than I could ever have imagined.
Para Paro Oukoku - The Utena-centric bits of a graphic H-doujin. Scenes included: Akio going to jail. People getting drunk. Girls with penises.
EUG - A scene from a hentai compilation where Miki gets dressed up like Kozue? And then Sex? And then he smacks Anthy or something, I don't know.
Rose Revelation - A short hentai doujin with a few full color images and a lot of that yuri goo.

- Updated the Complete CD Box Booklet in Historia Arcana, as it was missing a page, ironically, the one with information about the new CD. Sorry about that! The current file is corrected.

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