Oh look, time for alt text! Uhoh, Wakaba's not gonna like that... SMIRK FOR ME, SAIONJI God this layout was hell on earth with the colors. Kiddie Utena. Awww. Hey, no looking up Anthy's skirt, you! I love this shot of her. It's just so...I dunno. Originally this was Touga and Saionji as kids. Then I remembered Saionji's not the main character. HOLY FUCK IT'S TOUGA Hi, I'm Juri, and I'm a lesbian. Utena looks rather young in this shot. Huh. SO HOT
You can't see, but Miki's looking at a porn mag. Nanami, you totally missed the point. Go join them. Duh. HOTTEST IMAGE EVAR HOLY Yes, that's Touga again. This is just the first thing I think of when someone says 'Touga' There really aren't a lot of great shots of Mikage. Such an injustice. Believe it or not, I spent half an hour on this layout before I linked the photograph theme to Akio. Don't I feel dumb. GIOVANNA SERIOUSLY STOP LISTENING TO EVANESCENCE I'm tired, but I have to be awake for the next six hours. Boo. Thai food is delicious. I seeee you theeere, farther awaaaaaay Even his sleeve is hot. And let's not even START with his neck.

"Shoujo Kakumei Utena - la fillette revolutionnaire -" is a copyrighted work.
(C) Be-PaPas, Chiho Saito / Shogakukan, Shokaku Iinkai, TV Tokyo.

Project & Original Story: Be-PaPas
Original Concept & Series Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Original Concept & Original Art: Chiho Saito
Original Episode Script: Yoji Enokido
Original Episode Director: Takafumi Hoshikawa
English Translation: Kendappa Oh & Shinpei Kuga
English Script Editing: Haamel, Microman M-256, Robert Paige, Sailor T, & Utena Translation Project
English Script Checking: Yasuyuki Sato
Translator's Note: Yasuyuki Sato

SCRIPT (episode 15; version 1.0; 11/23/1998)

OP:  Heroically, with bravery
OP:  I'll go on with my life,
OP:  just a long, long time.
OP:  But if the two of us should get split up
OP:  by whatever means,
OP:  let go of me,
OP:  Take my revolution.
Title:  Utena ~ La Fillette Revolutionnaire
OP:  In the sunny garden, we held each other's hands,
OP:  drew close together and soothed each other with the words,
OP:  "Neither of us will ever fall in love again."
OP:  Everytime
OP:  Into this photograph of us
OP:  smiling cheek to cheek,
OP:  I took a bit of loneliness,
OP:  and crammed it inside.
OP:  Revolution!
OP:  Even in my dreams, even through my tears,
OP:  even though I'm being hurt,
OP:  reality is approaching now, frantically.
OP:  What I want now is to find out
OP:  just where I belong,
OP:  and my self-worth, up through today.
OP:  Heroically, I'll throw away
OP:  my clothes 'til I'm nude,
OP:  like the roses dancing all around me, whirling free.
OP:  But if the two of us should get split up
OP:  by whatever means,
OP:  I swear to you, I will change the world.

Boy:  What's wrong?
Kozue:  It's nothing. So, speaking of Toshiko...
Kozue:  In the end, it looks like she went to Atsushi's place again, yesterday.
Kozue:  So she shouldn't have been so stubborn about it in the first place, right?
Kozue:  And then...
Teacher:  Micky...
Teacher:  Are you going to your piano lesson?
Miki:  Yes.
Teacher:  I have high expectations for you. Work hard.
Miki:  Yes sir. And are you feeling better now?
Teacher:  I've caused you problems, haven't I?
Miki:  Not at all.
Teacher:  Actually, speaking of problems, I need to have a talk with you, Micky.
Boy:  What's wrong?
Boy:  Hey...
title:  Landscape Framed by Kozue
Nanami:  Onii-sama, have you stayed home from school again today?
Nanami:  At the very least, you could have dinner on time..
Nanami:  Onii-sama...
Nanami:  It's all right, Onii-sama.
Nanami:  I'll look after the Student Council.
Mamiya:  The Student Council...
Mamiya:  The Student Council members...
Mamiya:  With their spirits, we might forge a sword powerful enough to defeat Tenjou Utena.
Mamiya:  That's what my Black Rose tells me.
Souji:  However, they have all been defeated in Duels.
Souji:  They are weak-hearted people.
Mamiya:  There aren't many people who can fully control their hearts.
Mamiya:  I'm sure it's particularly difficult for people of such young age.
Mamiya:  It would be far better to let their spirit swords be received by someone else.
Mamiya:  That way, a stronger Duelist can be born.
Souji:  I understand.
Souji:  For the sake of making you the Rose Bride, I'll consider it.
Souji:  However, drawing their spirit swords requires a hand that can capture their hearts.
Girl:  Kozue!
Girl:  Hey, Kozue... You've changed boyfriends again?
Kozue:  I haven't changed boyfriends... I've added one.
Girl:  Oh, the things you say! You lucky girl!
Kozue:  Work at it yourself, you guys.
Girl:  Then would you introduce us to your brother?
Kozue:  Okay, but...
Kozue:  ...it seems there's a girl he likes these days.
Miki:  Calm down, Miki....
Miki:  Himemiya-san, will you play the piano with me tomorrow?
Miki:  Here goes...
Utena:  Hey Micky!
Miki:  I was just passing by. I wasn't being suspicious... um...
Miki:  ...what am I saying?!
Utena:  Himemiya! Micky's here!
Miki:  It's not like I'm here to visit Himemiya-san in particular!
Miki:  I just happened to be passing by...
Himemiya:  Hello.
Miki:  Umm...
Himemiya:  Yes...?
Miki:  Umm...
Miki:  ...Chuuchuu is really cute, isn't he?
Utena:  It's not Chuuchuu. It's Chuchu.
Utena:  If it was Chuuchuu, it would sound too mouse-like.
Himemiya:  But I kind of like Chuuchuu as well.
Miki:  Himemiya-san, you like Chuuchuu too?
Himemiya:  I like it.
Miki:  I like it, too!
Miki:  I guess we have something in common!
Miki:  Sorry, I'm saying some strange things, aren't I?
Miki:  Umm...
Himemiya:  Yes?
Utena:  Come on! Just a little more.
Miki:  Himemiya-san, if it's alright with you,
Miki:  would you play the piano with me tomorrow after school?
Miki:  I would like to introduce you to my piano teacher.
Miki:  I'm certain that if he listened to you play, he'd be quite impressed.
Miki:  So...
Miki:  ...please?
Kozue:  You wanted to talk to me?
Juri:  That incident last week with that teacher falling down the stairs was not an accident.
Juri:  Rumor has it that he was pushed.
Juri:  According to him, he wasn't certain whether or not it was an accident.
Juri:  However, just last night, he got a phone call saying that next time, it wouldn't be just a slight accident.
Kozue:  How brilliant, Arisugawa-sempai. You seem to know everything.
Juri:  There are things I don't know.
Juri:  For example: why you hate this guy so.
Kozue:  Because he's always...
Juri:  Always...
Kozue:  I will never forgive anyone who disgraces Miki.
Miki:  I made some milkshakes. Want one?
Kozue:  Why would I drink something so sweet?
Utena:  So, you're Kozue-chan.
Utena:  I've heard about you from Miki.
Utena:  You really are twins.
Utena:  If you dressed up as a guy, I could never tell you apart from Miki.
Kozue:  I am nothing at all like Miki.
Kozue:  That girl with the glasses...
Kozue:  ...what was her name again?
Utena:  You mean Himemiya Anthy?
Utena:  What about her?

Nanami:  If the egg's shell does not break, the chick will die without being born.
Nanami:  The chamber of freedom and the cage of freedom...
Nanami:  ...without showing the vastness of the skies, they cherish the chick.
Nanami:  Break the world's cage!
Nanami&Jur:  For the sake of revolutionizing the world!
Namani:  What is it? Any complaints?
Juri:  None here.
Miki:  None here.
Nanami:  From now on, I will act as my brother's proxy.
NoName:  I do have the qualifications. Any complaints?
Juri:  None here.
Miki:  None here.
Juri:  Except...
Nanami:  Except...?
Juri:  We don't seem to get letters from the Ends of the World lately.
Akio:  Oh? There's a boy who likes Anthy?
Utena:  So you are concerned?
Akio:  Well, she is my sister.
Akio:  However, if she is enjoying her school life, then I'm relieved.
Akio:  I'm glad that my sister has good friends like you.
Utena:  Akio-san, you really think about your sister a lot, don't you?
Akio:  Do I?
Utena:  I probably wouldn't understand since I don't have any siblings myself,
Utena:  ...but what does it mean for a girl to have an older brother?
Utena:  What's this?
Utena:  The moon?
Akio:  Normally, it's something useless and of little concern.
Akio:  But, every now and then, you look up at it and feel a certain degree of comfort.
Miki:  Himemiya-san, not here yet?
Miki:  I must have arrived a little early.
Kozue:  You saw?
Kozue:  Well? Don't you want to say something?
Himemiya:  Say something?
Miki:  Himemiya-san.
Himemiya:  Sorry. I also went to check the greenhouse.
Miki:  Oh, please... I'm just happy you came.
Kozue:  I have an interview appointment today.
Form:  Nemuro Memorial Hall Interview Application Form Please answer the following questions.
Form:  Name --- Kaoru Kozue Age --- 13 Sex --- Female Address ---
Man:  We've been expecting you. Enter.
Kozue:  I'm Kaoru Kozue, 7th grade, Class B.
Souji:  Well, please begin.
Kozue:  Miki is my twin brother.
Kozue:  Since we were very little, he has treated me very fondly.
Kozue:  Lately, even though he pretends there's nothing wrong,
Kozue:  ...if something happens to sully me, he acts outwardly as if everything's okay.
Kozue:  But in his heart, he's hurt and he obsesses over me.
Kozue:  That's why I purposely go out with people that I know Miki would hate.
Kozue:  However...
Souji:  Deeper. Go deeper.
Kozue:  But, Miki's attention is gradually going to that other woman.
Kozue:  It's going away from me.
Souji:  I understand.
Souji:  I guess you have no choice but to revolutionize the world.
Souji:  The way before you has been prepared.
Miki:  Kozue?
Miki:  Kozue...
Miki:  What are you doing?
Miki:  That ring?!
Kozue:  Isn't it nice? It matches yours.
Kozue:  And here is one of the roses that bloom at the ends of the world.
Souji:  That is your new power.
Souji:  So, you should grasp it, without hesitation.
Utena:  What's up?
Wakaba:  It's the finals schedule!
Wakaba:  No matter how hard you wish... what will come, will come.
Wakaba:  Oh, no! English and Math are on the same day.
Card:  To the one Engaged: I shall wait for you at the Duel Arena this evening.
C-Ko:  Extra! Extra! Extra!
C-Ko:  We have hot coffee and sandwiches and cold beer available.
C-Ko:  We have hot coffee and sandwiches and cold beer available.
C-Ko:  Wait a minute, I'm supposed to be the only one on this car.
C-Ko:  We have hot coffee and sandwiches and cold beer available.
C-Ko:  Shut up! I don't want anything to drink!
C-Ko:  I don't want anything to eat!
Utena:  Then ignore her.
B-Ko:  Excuse me, coffee and a sandwich...
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse
ZUM:  Birth records
ZUM:  Baptismal records
ZUM:  Death records
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse
ZUM:  My own birth,
ZUM:  Absolute birth,
ZUM:  Apocalypse
ZUM:  A wet-nurse and a midwife in a dark desert
ZUM:  A gold-gilded Shangri-La
ZUM:  Day and night reversing
ZUM:  A time-gilded Lost Paradise
ZUM:  Darkness over Sodom
ZUM:  Darkness ever glowing
ZUM:  Darkness over yonder
ZUM:  Darkness never ending
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse
ZUM:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalyptic Darkness; Apocalypse
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
ZUM:  mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
Utena:  Kozue-chan?
Kozue:  I swear by this black rose...
Kozue:  ...that I shall win this Duel and bring death to the Rose Bride!
Utena:  Let me guess... because of that black rose?
Himemiya:  Could be.
Kozue:  Now then, Tenjou Utena, draw your sword!
Kozue:  Otherwise, the Rose Bride will be mine!
Utena:  That stance... It's the same style as Miki's.
FPFE:  Time Machine
FPFE:  To the past, to the future, whoosh, zip, zoom!
Utena:  ...the power to revolutionize the world!
FPFE:  Time Machine
FPFE:  My childhood when I was so adorable.
FPFE:  Making a lotus carpet,
FPFE:  Playing with dolls,
FPFE:  A mysterious charm, Fi! Fi!
FPFE:  Candy
FPFE:  I wore a beautiful kimono
Utena:  Get a grip! You've lost yourself!
FPFE:  Children's Festival
FPFE:  Oh, my dream machine...
Kozue:  I'm going to kill Anthy!
FPFE:  Flowerstorm
FPFE:  To the faraway ancient me,
FPFE:  Ten, two, one, zero... Take off!
Kozue:  Disappear, all of you!
Kozue:  Except for Miki and me, all other things are ugly.
FPFE:  Time Machine
Utena:  Her sword... what power.
FPFE:  To the past, to the future, whoosh, zip, zoom!
Kozue:  This is Miki's brilliance.
FPFE:  Time Machine
Kozue:  It ends now!
FPFE:  To the time of all my dreams and wishes
Himemiya:  Utena-sama!
FPFE:  Hair tied back,
FPFE:  toting a box lunch,
FPFE:  A mysterious charm, Fi! Fi!
FPFE:  Amusement parks
FPFE:  Surprise! Surprise!
FPFE:  These are all my soul
FPFE:  Oh, my dream machine...
FPFE:  Dreamstorm
FPFE:  To the faraway ancient me,
FPFE:  Ten, two, one, zero... Take off!
Utena:  Brother, eh?
Miki:  Kozue...
Souji:  Failure...
Souji:  But that was just the first one.
Souji:  There are other Student Council members.
Miki:  What happened to that Black Rose signet?
Kozue:  What's a Rose Signet?
Miki:  Never mind.
Kozue:  Did I really collapse from anemia?
Miki:  Yeah.
Miki:  Take it easy and get some sleep.
Kozue:  Hey, would you make me a milkshake?
Miki:  Sure.
Utena:  It's there, to be sure, and usually it's something useless and of little concern,
Utena:  but every now and then you look up to it and feel a certain degree of comfort, hmm?
Akio:  Come here, Anthy.
Akio:  Tonight, I'll comfort you, too.

ED:  Missing truth and forever
ED:  Kissing love and true your heart
ED:  Embrace me with your true arms
ED:  The key to open up tomorrow is reality
ED:  I want to keep on destroying lies.
ED:  Even if we keep on talking,
ED:  you still won't ever see.
ED:  Excuses really suit adults
ED:  who hang on to old stories.
ED:  Because unchosen angels
ED:  have no need for wings.
ED:  Missing truth and forever,
ED:  Kissing love and true your heart,
ED:  I will like tomorrow's new me.
ED:  At least I believe so; I want to believe it,
ED:  so I want to keep lies hating me.

Preview:  Preview of Next Episode
Himemiya:  Say, Utena-sama. Do you know what a cowbell is?
Utena:  A cowbell?
Utena:  I'm not really sure, but we don't usually use them that often, right?
Himemiya:  Why, Nanami-san, that cowbell really becomes you.
Utena:  Nanami! What's happened to you? You look like...
Utena:  It's as if you're not human, but... how should I put it...
Utena:  Next time on Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Cowbell of Happiness
Anthy:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse.
Utena:  So, what is a cowbell?

title:  Landscape Framed by Kozue
The title "Sono Kozue ga Sasu Fuukei" is a pun. "Kozue" is Miki's sister's name, but the name also means "the tip of a tree/branch". Literally, it can be interepreted as "landscape that Kozue points to" or "landscape that treetop points to".

 ...Chuuchuu is really cute, isn't he?
 It's not Chuuchuu. It's Chuchu.
 If it was Chuuchuu, it would sound too mouse-like.

The "uu" of this "Chuuchuu" is the long vowel of "u" in Japanese. Unlike English, lengthening a vowel is not stressing, but it makes a different word.

  I made some milkshakes. Want one?
 Why would I drink something so sweet?

Japanese milkshakes are different from American milkshakes. A Japanese milkshake is usually made of milk, honey, egg, and possibly some fruit mixed up by a juicer.

  I wore a beautiful kimono
  Children's Festival
Shichi-Go-San (lit. Seven-Five-Three), which we just translated as "Children's Festival", is a festival to celebrate seven-year-old girls, five-year-old boys, and three-year-old girls on their healthy growth. Usually they wear traditional kimono and go to Shinto shrine.

Surprise! Surprise!
The Japanese "odoroki, momo no ki" literally means "surprise, peach tree", but it's part of the cliche "odoroki, momo no ki, sanshou no ki" ("sanshou no ki" is the Japanese pepper tree), which is said when the speaker is surprised or amused. The trees in the phrase don't mean anything, but they just make a rhyme with "odoroki".