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You can't see, but Miki's looking at a porn mag. Nanami, you totally missed the point. Go join them. Duh. HOTTEST IMAGE EVAR HOLY Yes, that's Touga again. This is just the first thing I think of when someone says 'Touga' There really aren't a lot of great shots of Mikage. Such an injustice. Believe it or not, I spent half an hour on this layout before I linked the photograph theme to Akio. Don't I feel dumb. GIOVANNA SERIOUSLY STOP LISTENING TO EVANESCENCE I'm tired, but I have to be awake for the next six hours. Boo. Thai food is delicious. I seeee you theeere, farther awaaaaaay Even his sleeve is hot. And let's not even START with his neck.

"Shoujo Kakumei Utena - la fillette revolutionnaire -" is a copyrighted work.
(C) Be-PaPas, Chiho Saito / Shogakukan, Shokaku Iinkai, TV Tokyo.

Project & Original Story: Be-PaPas
Original Concept & Series Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Original Concept & Original Art: Chiho Saito
Original Episode Script: Yoji Enokido
Original Episode Director: Yukio Okazaki
English Translation: Yasuyuki Sato
English Script Editing: Haamel, Robert Paige, & Utena Translation Project
English Script Checking: Yasuyuki Sato
Translator's Note: Yasuyuki Sato

SCRIPT (episode 23; version 1.0; 2/12/1999)

OP:  Heroically, with bravery
OP:  I'll go on with my life,
OP:  just a long, long time.
OP:  But if the two of us should get split up
OP:  by whatever means,
OP:  let go of me,
OP:  Take my revolution.
Title:  Utena ~ La Fillette Revolutionnaire
OP:  In the sunny garden, we held each other's hands,
OP:  drew close together and soothed each other with the words,
OP:  "Neither of us will ever fall in love again."
OP:  Everytime
OP:  Into this photograph of us
OP:  smiling cheek to cheek,
OP:  I took a bit of loneliness,
OP:  and crammed it inside.
OP:  Revolution!
OP:  Even in my dreams, even through my tears,
OP:  even though I'm being hurt,
OP:  reality is approaching now, frantically.
OP:  What I want now is to find out
OP:  just where I belong,
OP:  and my self-worth, up through today.
OP:  Heroically, I'll throw away
OP:  my clothes 'til I'm nude,
OP:  like the roses dancing all around me, whirling free.
OP:  But if the two of us should get split up
OP:  by whatever means,
OP:  I swear to you, I will change the world.

Mamiya:  Say, look.
Mikage:  Yeah...
Mamiya:  We're down to the last black rose.
Mikage:  Yeah...
Mikage:  Tokiko, your brother is a sinful boy.
Mikage:  However, from the sacrifice of one hundred young Duelists, we obtain true eternity.
Tokiko:  Is it true? Did you do this?
Tokiko:  Is this your doing?
Mamiya:  Yes.
Tokiko:  Why?
Tokiko:  How could you do a thing like this?
Mamiya:  Tenjou Utena is so strong.
Mikage:  Yeah...
Mamiya:  I sense an unknown amount of strength in her.
Mikage:  Yeah...
Mamiya:  Say, look.
Mamiya:  We're down to the last black rose.
Mikage:  Yeah...
Mikage:  For the life of me, I just can't come up with a sure-fire scenario.
Mikage:  Isn't there any way besides allying myself with her?
Juri:  Ally ourselves with Tenjou Utena?
Nanami:  Yes. Since some shadowy group is making their move.
Nanami:  At present, we should have the Engaged One cooperate with us.
Miki:  But Nanami-kun, you hate her, don't you?
Nanami:  Well, I don't like her, but the Student Council's in a crisis.
Nanami:  Considering the circumstances, I think we should ally ourselves with her.
Nanami:  How great of me!
Nanami:  Onii-sama, I, Nanami, will protect this Student Council no matter what!
Miki:  You say "ally, ally," but...
Juri:  ...it's not as if we are allies.
Nanami:  Then, what are we?
Miki:  We are...
Juri:  ...Duelists.
Title:  Qualifications of a Duelist
Utena:  Not here...
Utena:  Not here...
Utena:  She's not here, either.
Utena:  Where did Himemiya go?
Utena:  Now that she's not here either, there's no other place to search.
Utena:  Maybe I shouldn't have been mad at her the other day.
Utena:  Honestly, when you have a friend like the Rose Bride, you're always worried.
Mikage:  Nice fragrance, isn't it?
Utena:  Oh, Mikage-sempai.
Mikage:  The modest scent from a single rose isn't bad,
Mikage:  ...but I'm attracted to the fragrance of many roses too.
Mikage:  There's a tense atmosphere of mutual competition, you see.
Utena:  Have you seen Himemiya anywhere?
Mikage:  Well, who might that be?
Utena:  My classmate, and she's been missing since this morning.
Mikage:  You're very considerate of your friends, aren't you?
Utena:  It's not like that, but...
Mikage:  Did you give serious consideration to my offer from before?
Utena:  Your offer from before?
Mikage:  About joining the Mikage Seminar.
Utena:  Well, why a person like me?
Mikage:  You have a mysterious charm.
Mikage:  To be quite honest, I find myself drawn to you.
Mikage:  If possible, I want to be by your side.
Utena:  Oh, is that what it was?
Utena:  Such bold words.
Mikage:  You quite welcome to just drop by, too.
Mikage:  Besides, if you join us, we'll be of any help when you're in trouble.
Utena:  I don't mind just dropping in, but...
Utena:  I don't really have any trouble, so I don't need anyone's help.
Utena:  See, if I brought Chuchu with me, he'd scatter cookie crumbs all over the place.
Utena:  It's really hard to clean up after him, and...
Utena:  Huh?
Mikage:  It doesn't have to be you personally.
Mikage:  Don't you have any troubled friends?
Utena:  Troubled friends?
Utena:  Troubled friends...
Utena:  Please don't open it.
Utena:  This coffin is meant for me.
Utena:  Being alive is rather sickening.
Utena:  Why does everyone go on living knowing they'll end up dying anyway?
Utena:  I wonder why I never realized that until today.
Utena:  Eternity couldn't possibly exist, could it?
Utena:  Oh, Himemiya's back.
Utena:  Say, Himemiya...
Utena:  You really can't quit being the Rose Bride?
Utena:  A troubled friend, eh?
Utena:  Excuse me!
Utena:  Excuse me!
Utena:  Is anybody here?
Utena:  Hello?!
Anthy:  My, I'm sleepy.
Anthy:  Why am I so sleepy these days?
secretary:  A visitor, at the Entrance Hall.
Mikage:  Thank you. I'll be right there.
secretary:  Well, there's a car waiting for me, so I'll be going now.
Mikage:  I see. Thank you for the work you've done.
secretary:  Telling me to get out so suddenly was so like you, to the very end.
secretary:  That's just how it was the first time we met: you saying "Be my secretary," out of the blue.
secretary:  But it's all right. I can let my hair down now that I'm free of your yoke.
secretary:  I wonder how I looked from your point of view.
Mikage:  You are you.
secretary:  You're certainly some kind of special person, perhaps one of the chosen.
secretary:  But the person I fell in love with wasn't a boy younger than me, like you.
Mikage:  I am me.
secretary:  Well then, goodbye.
Utena:  Huh?
Utena:  Kanae-san?
Utena:  Kozue-chan, too...
Utena:  What the heck?
boy:  The road to the duel arena is now open.
boy:  At last, that is about to begin.
boy:  And now, Professor Nemuro's duty is finished.
boy:  From now on, carrying on without him is probably what you-know-who plans on.
boy:  Surely even he'll lose to someone.
boy:  We can just leave him by the wayside.
boy:  Well then, let's open the champagne.
Mamiya:  How selfish they are.
Mamiya:  They owe it to you that the castle appeared and the road to the arena opened, right?
Mamiya:  They're all afraid of you.
Mamiya:  They think you may be capable of obtaining eternity.
Nemuro:  I'm not going to do anything like dueling.
Mamiya:  Why not? Aren't you thinking you want the power to revolutionize the world for your very own?
Mamiya:  Knowing eternity exists in that castle?
Mamiya:  Eternity means lasting forever, right?
Mamiya:  For years, decades, centuries, millennia, eons, and on and on.
Mamiya:  My life may be just a moment, but...
Mamiya:  Eternity means that this moment lasts billions of billions of years, without end.
Mamiya:  I... I...
Mamiya:  I want eternity.
Tokiko:  What are you talking about?
Nemuro:  This is the first step of the job you're advancing.
Nemuro:  Soon, the road leading to eternity from this Academy will be opened.
Tokiko:  Nemuro-san...
Nemuro:  What Mamiya-kun did was proper.
Nemuro:  Now I, too, wish to grasp eternity.
Mikage:  You're finally back.
Mikage:  I knew you'd come back to me sooner or later.
Mikage:  Tokiko-san, you don't have to regret the fact that you deserted me.
Utena:  Mikage-sempai, you...

Utena:  Mikage-sempai, are you the one who manipulated them?
Mikage:  Manipulated them? Surely not.
Mikage:  All of these people were members of the Mikage Seminar.
Mikage:  They all had their unforgettable memories.
Mikage:  Precious, precious memories...
Mikage:  They proceeded to fight to protect their memories.
Mikage:  They are, in a manner of speaking, people who tried to change their lives according to their memories.
Utena:  Memories?
Mikage:  What about you?
Utena:  We can meet again, can't we?
Utena:  Prince, we can meet again, can't we?
Utena:  Until then, I won't cry, and I'll be patient no matter what.
Mikage:  For you, it's possible to make the memory last forever, just like I did.
Mikage:  That's what the world needs.
Mikage:  The path before you has be-
Utena:  You bastard!!
Utena:  Who the hell is this World?!
Utena:  Don't lump me together with the likes of you, you manipulative...
Mikage:  Don't get so excited.
Mikage:  You sound like you're yelling out, "Don't touch my precious memory!"
Utena:  What did you say?!
Utena:  Don't even talk like you understand me!
Utena:  My memory is...
Mikage:  I see. It's that memory that's been supporting you up until now.
Mikage:  No need to be ashamed.
Mikage:  Because the memory you possess is a worthy one.
Mikage:  Only those with beautiful memories are allowed to wish,
Mikage:  "If only those days could last forever, if only I could still be what I was back then."
Mikage:  I know that you're the same as myself.
Mikage:  Your eyes are like those people who can't help wanting to make memories last forever.
Utena:  I challenge you to a duel! Come to the Duel Arena tonight!
Utena:  I'll beat you to a pulp and prove that I'm different from you!
Mamiya:  Sempai, why did you call her?
Mamiya:  Why are you keeping quiet?
Mamiya:  What's so funny?
Mikage:  Hey, look.
Mikage:  It's a tear.
Mamiya:  A tear?
Mikage:  It seems the pain made an inadvertent tear come forth.
Mikage:  If she hadn't found my Rose Signet,
Mikage:  ...I could have been killed right then and there.
Mamiya:  You sound like you're having fun.
Mikage:  Indeed, she hurts me and surprises me all the time.
Mikage:  Just as I thought, Tokiko has returned, to settle the score with me once and for all.
Mamiya:  Do you intend to accept the duel?
Mikage:  In the final analysis, we haven't advanced at all since then.
Mikage:  But, she's closer to the Power of Dios than we are.
Mikage:  We can't proceed without defeating her.
Mikage:  Rose blooming at the Ends of the World, to me!
Mikage:  Your eyes are just like those of those people who can't stop wanting to make memories last forever.
Wakaba:  Uuuteeenaaa!
Wakaba:  Hey, you haven't forgotten your ultra-best friend Wakaba-sama lately, have you?
Utena:  No, I haven't.
Wakaba:  No matter what happens, I'm on your side, Utena.
C-ko:  Extra! Extra! Extra!
C-ko:  Your pop was a class rep at your age.
C-ko:  Wow, that's great, Pop!
C-ko:  Hey, you, what's with this paperwork? It's terrible!
C-ko:  Shit, even though I was a class rep back when!
C-ko:  Honey, you can't just leave your socks here when you take them off, it's terrible!
C-ko:  Shit, even though I was a class rep back when!
C-ko:  Well, I'm off to school, Pop!
C-ko:  Wait! Give me that school backpack! Your pop'll go to school!
Wakaba:  See you later!
Utena:  ...the power to revolutionize the world!
Mikage:  Here we go.
Mikage:  Well received.
Mikage:  However...
Mikage:  I'm not in full form yet. The shoulder you screwed up is still aching.
Mikage:  But I don't think I'm going to lose to you!
Utena:  Quit joking around! You think I'm going to be beaten by some string-pulling bastard from the shadows?
Mikage:  That's not how it happened.
Mikage:  Those who received my black roses came to my place of their own free will.
Mikage:  Then, they stood in this place of their own free will.
Mikage:  Anyone who stands here is the same as myself. They come lured by eternity.
Utena:  Shut up! Don't accuse other people of what you did for yourself!
Mikage:  I knew since the first time I saw you.
Mikage:  You met the person important to you long ago, right?
Mikage:  And so, that person changed your life forever, right?
Mikage:  You're standing here on the strength of that illusion.
Mikage:  That's why you were able to enter the Duel Arena.
Mikage:  Am I wrong?
Mikage:  After all, you're just like me.
Mikage:  And right here, right here I will defeat you, Tokiko!
Utena:  What nonsense are you talking about? I won't lose to a bastard like you!
Mikage:  You're such a stubborn girl, Tokiko.
Mikage:  Seems you won't get it unless I destroy that rose.
Mikage:  I knew you would jump!
Utena:  Oh, no!
Anthy:  Utena-sama!
Anthy:  Utena-sama!
Utena:  Himemiya!
Utena:  Himemiya!
Anthy:  Utena-sama!
Mamiya:  Sempai, you're going to lose now.
Mikage:  Mamiya!
Mamiya:  You're going to get your rose destroyed by her.
Mikage:  What did you say?!
Mikage:  Where are you, Mamiya? Mamiya!
Mikage:  Mamiya!
Mikage:  Who...
Mikage:  Who is this?
Mamiya:  You can't defeat her.
Mamiya:  You'll never defeat the sister of mine within your memory, not for all eternity.
Mikage:  Tokiko!
Mikage:  Eternity is right here before my eyes!
Mikage:  I'll defeat you and grasp the power to change the world with these very hands!
Mikage:  Why don't you understand me?!
Mikage:  I accept everything!
Mikage:  Even your brother's sin!
Mamiya:  Sempai, now watch carefully.
Mamiya:  At that time, at that place, who was actually there and who was not?
Mamiya:  Who actually set fire to that building?
Mikage:  Mamiya...
Mikage:  It's been a long time.
Mikage:  How many decades has it been since I saw you last?
Akio:  Ah, Nemuro-kun. I was thinking it was about time you called me.
Akio:  Yes. The boy called Mamiya that you were keeping with you from your lingering attachment to Tokiko, died a long time ago.
Akio:  I exploited the illusion you cherished in your memory so much that you even halted your own time.
Akio:  The period where you hid the possibility in your heart, not growing up, was useful.
Akio:  However, that's all over.
Akio:  From now on, the path before you is not prepared.
Akio:  You, graduate now.
Utena:  Oh, darn it.
Utena:  What a weird place we ended up in while searching for Himemiya.
Miki:  There was a really big fire here a long time ago.
Utena:  Really? So there really was that kind of trouble.
Miki:  It seems there weren't any casualties, but since it was before the time of the Student Council, no records remain.
Miki:  Let's see... What was the building called? Kushiro Memorial Hall...
Miki:  Sounds wrong. Noboribetsu Memorial Hall? Argh! I hate it when I can't remember!
Utena:  Himemiya! Where did you go?
Akio:  What's wrong? Are you sympathizing with him?
Akio:  But now, he doesn't exist in this academy.
Akio:  No, never has he from the beginning.
Akio:  In the same way as you haven't.
DS23:  Incandescent darkness,
DS23:  birthed puppets,
DS23:  given the name Anthropoperipherism.
DS23:  Pulling the strings of the world,
DS23:  a solitary being.
DS23:  For the others, an imaginary puppetcraft.
DS23:  Subzero darkness,
DS23:  birthed creatures,
DS23:  correlated, Anthropoperipherism.
DS23:  On the natural stage,
DS23:  the units of existence,
DS23:  comprised of an imaginary creature-craft.
DS23:  Words are born, the encounter, then a hesitation.
DS23:  Knowledge is born, the encounter, then a void.
DS23:  Oh, where am I and when am I?
DS23:  Spell, incantation, mystery, prayer, myself.
DS23:  Stage destiny magic mirror.
DS23:  Full moon, mysterious,
DS23:  and transmutable,
DS23:  I'm an imaginary living body come to its end.
DS23:  Full moon, mysterious,
DS23:  and transmutable,
DS23:  I'm an imaginary destined body come to its end.
DS23:  Seeking time,
DS23:  without resting,
DS23:  a speleomorph that goes on living.
DS23:  Seeking land, without arms, without legs,
DS23:  Still existing am I, transparent, intangible, a faint sigh.

ED:  Missing truth and forever
ED:  Kissing love and true your heart
ED:  Embrace me with your true arms
ED:  The key to open up tomorrow is reality
ED:  I want to keep on destroying lies.
ED:  Even if we keep on talking,
ED:  you still won't ever see.
ED:  Excuses really suit adults
ED:  who hang on to old stories.
ED:  Because unchosen angels
ED:  have no need for wings.
ED:  Missing truth and forever,
ED:  Kissing love and true your heart,
ED:  I will like tomorrow's new me.
ED:  At least I believe so; I want to believe it,
ED:  so I want to keep lies hating me.

text:  Preview of Next Episode
Utena:  Tsuwabuki-kun was knocked over by a runaway horse!
Anthy:  Oh, my goodness!
Utena:  Hey, what's this notebook?
Utena:  No, I shouldn't. You shouldn't look at someone's notebook without permission.
Anthy:  Oh, my! There are some awful secrets written in here!
Utena:  Like I said, we shouldn't see that.
Anthy:  Oh, my! Even something like this?!
Utena:  What? Where? Where?
Utena:  Next time on Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Nanami-sama Secret Diary
Anthy:  The Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse.

Miki:  Let's see... What was the building called? Kushiro Memorial Hall...
  Sounds wrong. Noboribetsu Memorial Hall? Argh! I hate it when I can't remember!

Nemuro, Kushiro, and Noboribetsu are all cities in Hokkaido.

   given the name Anthropoperipherism.
I don't think such a term really exists, but the Japanese "jindousetsu" seems to be a made-up term analogized from "chidousetsu" (heliocentricism) and "tendousetsu" (geocentricism).

DS23::   Knowledge is born, the encounter, then a void.
The lyrics sheet uses a wrong kanji for "utsuro" (void). That could be intentional, though.

   a speleomorph that goes on living.
"Speleomorph" is our made-up term for the Japanese "kuudou keitai", which sounds like a technical term.