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May 25, 2023
This is just a placeholder update. You know, a bit of a B-side project that I've (Vanna) finally caught up with. When we went to Japan for the musicals in 2018 and 2019, we cleaned out multiple Mandarakes and Book Offs of their Utena doujinshi, placing them in the end with a stack piling up from donations. That pile of doujinshi? SLAUGHTERED. This is an update that completes our entire current collection of doujinshi available. Let's. Fuckin. Eat. There are 27 new doujinshi here, plus some VINTAGE fanart content in a section that will be growing in the future, where we keep fanart submitted to magazines...a thing we have a growing collection of now.

What is the A-side project if this was just the side one I used to relax? It's huge. It involves you, me, and getting the fuck away from collapsing social media platforms. We're out here about to take advantage of the Utena fandom's penchant for stubborn life choices, and we can't wait for you all to see it. Be on the look-out via Discord, Twitter, and Tumblr, because it won't be launching alone. We have the FINISHED translation of the Black Rose Musical interview by Nagumo, new translations of CD content, and TONS of new scans of Utena meta incoming. I have...all of Newtype magazine from the run of Utena through Be-Papas' absolutely bonkers post-Utena era. I have rescanned Chiho Saito's artbook for ludicrously beautiful images so clear you could make poster prints. I have cover-to-cover scanned the Art of Utena book. IT'S SO. SO. MUCH. Yes, we'll be doing a huge musical stream...but that won't be the primary social space this goes down on. ;) For now? DOUJIN DOUJIN DOUJIN.

PS. The entire doujinshi gallery as it stands right now is over two gigs of content. Over 110 doujinshi across over 4,600 pages. Some of you archive-savvy folks out there are probably asking 'what the fuck, can't I just download this???' Gonna be real friends...you ABSOLUTELY CAN. We may change our minds later, but for now, toss us an e-mail if you want to download the doujinshi gallery in full current to now. For now the file and hosting will be too variable to link direct.

No Entry
by Anatomic Angel

Thanks to teasot for the scans of this quick little Utenanthy ship, from perennial favorite, Anatomic Angel!

by protocol

A Mandarake pick-up, this one focuses on an imagined meeting between Utena and Anthy as children!

by Cat's Mind

This one made me finally place a section for the text-heavy contributions to the collection. I never realized how common it was to straight publish your fanfic alongside the art until the collection got to a bigger size. Iconic and we should do it now. But it does make this otherwise pretty small-format doujin a challenge for most of us.

Boring Days of Roses and Swords
by Onokuni Bunko

Come for the 90's CHIBI FLAVOR. Stay for it, too.

by Guilty

This is another text-dense one that is honestly not gonna be much of a ride for many of us. Still, some pretty art, and I archive like a boss.

Crown of Thorns
by Gokurakudenpa

This honestly really cool doujinshi had a shifting color paper it was printed on that I didn't have the heart to remove, so the file sizes are PAIN, but it's worth it. Thanks salliedrazzi! (There's a page I've edited in this one. Sorry.)

by Jun Hayase

Though a bit saucy, the absurdity of the sexual situations makes this one get a pass.

Flower Fate, Fetal History
by Celestial Speech

This short romp is especially cool for that...it dropped in August of 1997--the show was not even half way through its run at this point, and it's incredible how fast the turn around time was!!

by Jesus Drug

Usually this circle is doing porn. And this donation by salliedrazzi isn't exactly innocent, either--Miki being the target of eager sexual hunger is just weird, and a thing I have to live with every day as I archive doujinshi. Thanks for the creepy times, salliedrazzi! ( I mean it! )

Green Note
by Bear and Isabella

SAIONJI THIS WAY! This sincerely gorgeous doujinshi was donated by salliedrazzi and is done IN THE STYLE OF UTENA, captured beautifully in the format. Also, it's ALL ABOUT SAIONJI UWU.

Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome is a common genetic condition where a male is born with an extra X chromosome. Typically, a male has one X and one Y chromosome. People with Klinefelter syndrome can experience breast growth, breast cancer, osteoporosis, infertility and learning difficulties. Treatment typically involves physical and emotional therapy, as well as hormone replacement.' - Cleveland Clinic. It's a Miki one.

Prince Principle Renovation
by Anatomic Angel

Utena/Anthy angst shit drawn beautifully THIS WAY.

Pure Play
by Satindoll and Tachibana

This lovely doujinshi donated by salliedrazzi opens with gorgeous color panels and then uh...well it's Touga and Miki, with some other stuff. It's not explicit, and was previously uploaded as just the one scene. Now it's the whole thing!!

Real Rose
by Chiyoko Morinaga

Many of the doujin salliedrazzi donated had the price in Euros as stickers. I left them, it's wild to think how far they've come! As for this one? Soft uwu romance abounds. uwu.

Romantic and Rose
by Komekott

Salliedrazzi again keeping us rich with soft uwu lesbian content the series denied us. Enjoy~!

Rose Ceremony
by Kitsuneko Honpo

Another salliedrazzi special, but this one? ALL CHU-CHU, ALL THE TIME. Chu-chu as a Rose Bride? Yep. As a pretty girl? yep. I love it.

School Fantasy Romance
by Kouko Agawa

That this was among salliedrazzi's pile should say a lot about what doujin made trips around to English-speaking fans. This one is Touga and Miki content, though not-explicit. It also has what I'm sure is a sick Akio burn?

Screw Swirl

This is a shorter one, full of silly little scenes. Silly outfit watch!

The Sheltering Sky
by ChimiChimiCherry

A cute romp with a few guest stars! This one was a small-format doujinshi, so it was more awkward to scan. I didn't split up the pages.

Thousand Keys
by Anatomic Angel

Non-explicit Utena/Anthy romance content from Anatomic Angel, literally nothing could go wrong.

Fanroad Magazine, December 1997
by A bunch of fanartists!!

This is a section that will be growing in the future, but for now, teasot has provided scans from...well how else did people share fanart before the internet? A cool glimpse at the fandom in Japan at the end of the series.

Toga and Saionji Fanbook 2009
by Chain Gang

Chain Gang love the ever-loving fuck out of TouSai, publish millions of doujin, and still draw kinda horribly, ngl. But their work is ALWAYS a ride, and this one includes some peak curse from Akio meeting kid Touga. I mean we know that happens but we don't have to like it, ok.

To You, A Rose, A Rose
by Soft Cotton

Flipping through some beautiful but cursed full size arts, this doujinshi scanned by teasot is full of silly and amazing sequences. Also, Miki being extremely Gender.

Utena Volume 6, Revolutionary Detective Deka and Others
by Pink Dark

This is an incredible volume of absolutely absurd shit. Comic nudity at times, including Akio on the car in...socks. It owns. Just be warned there's also some horror Junji Ito ass stuff.

Dark Half
by Jesus Drug

A bit of silly, a bit of sweet, from a circle that is often doing much uh...more explicit content. This one was sent to our scanner by cscratch!

Memory of Fossils
by Fairy Pink

Fairy Pink has a gorgeous artstyle and a NEVERENDING LOVE of Juri Angst Content. This one is sexually explicit, involving some Juri, Anthy, Shiori mess vibes. Beautiful stuff, just be ready for the sex.

by Sate Dosiyou

This one really gives and fucking takes. The gorgeous art and interesting page color choices surround some fairly explicit Touga/Miki content. Be warned, it's dead dove stuff, though not of the visible genitals kind. A lot of doujin artists seemed acutely aware of the Utena novels.

Whirl Floral Flower
by YuzuSaya Kayame S.

DID I SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST YES I DID LOOK THIS ONE IS JUST HONESTLY BEAUTIFUL AND JAM PACKED WITH FOOD. Kid Utena and Anthy playing patty-cake? A scene of Akio and Anthy having sex that is nevertheless absolutely beautiful? It's ALL HERE. NGL this one was my favorite.

That's 'ALL' for now, and it's actually not. There's a whole other txt file I am keeping the other updates in that I'm too lazy to add right now. Consider this a focused attack on doujinshi. A front line. The real drop is coming, and it's a LOT. Yes, relative to the ridiculous pile of stuff going on for me, this was a little drop. Lemme keep it clean and easy that way. See y'all soon!!!

The content on Empty Movement belongs to Giovanna Spadaro and Yasha (who will remain otherwise nameless). Images and media scanned, ripped, and altered by us. Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) is © Kunihiko Ikuhara, Chiho Saito, Shogakukan and bePapas/TV Tokyo and/or their respective copyright holders. The US release of the Revolutionary Girl Utena series and movie is © Nozomi Entertainment, previously © Central Park Media, and the US release of the Utena manga is © VIZ . Don't sue us.